INDOOR POOL (3600 sq. feet)


Now please walk down eight steps and along a limestone and marble lined hallway that is lit by a procession of art deco alabaster torch fixtures. At the end you will arrive at an Indoor Pool that is 75 feet long, two racing lanes wide and has a water depth that varies continuously between 4 and 5 feet.  Adjoining the pool is a half oval "hot pool” that is 21 feet long and comes complete with Jacuzzi jets.  There is also a kitchenette, changing room and a bathroom.    


While fully functional as a "lap pool" (complete with removable electronics timers and racing diving boards), it is also a beautiful and peaceful place to simply lounge and reflect.   The floor and walls are lined with 1/2 inch square glass mosaic tiles from Italy which give the water a deep blue sheen. The edges of the pool are clad in a marble that is predominantly black but softened with the addition of cream colored freckles.  The walls of the room continue this marble as wainscoting and then convert to a cream color that reaches to the ceiling.  A full sound system, for the room and for underwater, services the space.  Finally, large murals adorn either end of the room.


The Indoor Pool is situated at the lowest level of the house and yet this 100 ft. long space (a barrel vault) is flooded with natural sunlight.  This light comes from a 45 ft. long skylight that rises gracefully over the center of the pool supported by a series of arches and columns. Further enhancing the indoor/outdoor feel are planters running along the walls that are filled ficus, schefflera, and anthurium. 


There is nothing quite like being in this pool with family and friends, especially at night or in the middle of winter when snow is falling on the skylight.