MASTER SUITE (3600 sq. feet)


The Master Suite occupies the top floor of the House and is reached by the elevator and the central circular staircase.  Regardless of how you arrive, the first thing you are struck by is the charm of looking down the spiral staircase, all the way to the marble floor that defines the Gallery. 


Bedroom:  Proceeding south brings you to a vestibule that acts as the entrance to the Master Bedroom and Sitting Room. Directly on your left behind a pair of mahogany doors is a kitchenette that services the Master Suite.  Directly on your right is the Master Bedroom.  It is intimately sized and accented by a vaulted ceiling.  The dark wood floor counterbalances the white built-in cabinetry that adorns the room.  Three sets of divided light French doors open to the master patio and beckon you outside. 


Patio:  It is hard to fully describe the view without mentioning that you are approximately 75 feet above the Long Island Sound and have an unimpeded view to the south and east for 50 miles.  What you see is the coast line of the Long Island, the Long Island Sound, the golf course of the Country Club of Fairfield, the Southport Harbor, and the Village of Southport. Sunrises and sunsets present a feast of colors drawn from fire and ice. 


Sitting Room: The master bedroom opens to an adjoining Sitting Room.  It is perfectly scaled as a nook for two.  It has its own window overlooking the Harbor and the House’s fifth (and final!) wood burning fire place that is surrounded by bookshelves that integrate with the cabinetry of the Bedroom.


Her Bathroom:  Massive but femininely honed pieces of granite and marble define this bathroom.  A long serpentine black marble counter is the first thing you see.  It curves along the south, west, and north sides of the room and was installed in just three pieces.   It is punctuated in by a delightful diminutive central white oval-shaped sink.  Above this counter are groupings of windows, mirrors and white cabinets all with sensually curved features and silvered hardware.


On the east side is a free standing bathtub, white porcelain on the inside and brushed chrome on the outside.  Just beyond the tub is the steam shower.  It has a traditional glass door on the south.  In addition there is an internal glass window to the west allowing the lady of the house to look out over her view while showering.


Unique to this room are the gigantic slabs of gray and white granite that create the heated floor of the room as well as the floor, walls and ceiling of the shower.  Each is 1" thick and so big that the floor and ceiling of the shower are single stones.


The ceiling is lit by cove lighting and a central art deco fixture from the 1940’s. A related set of four art deco glass lamps glow on the walls.


Her Dressing Room:  Leaving the bathroom and turning north takes you through two areas that make up Her Dressing Room.  The first contains built-in cabinets together with drawers of varied sizes and shapes appropriate for the storage of all conceivable feminine paraphernalia.  The second features six full sized closets (three on each side) with reflecting mirrored floor-to-ceiling doors. White cabinetry is complemented by a thick off white wall-to-wall wool carpet.


Her Study:  Just north of the dressing room one takes a slight jog along a row of bookshelves and arrives at Her Study.  The black marble from the bathroom is repeated here as the top of an "L" shaped desk with a retractable TV.  The desk recycles the white paneled cabinets used in Her Bathroom, while two of the light fixtures in Her Study match the set of four found on the walls in Her Bathroom. Just beyond the desk is a built in couch, an additional cabinet with a matching black marble curved counter top, and  a gracious walk-in closet.


His Bathroom:  Leaving the Master Bedroom and turning right takes you to His Bathroom. The heated floors and walls of this room are of granite, gray mixed with a hint of rose.  Instead of a tub, His Bathroom has a large steam shower with six gold plated shower heads.  Windows encased in granite are found on the north and south sides.  They allow a view of the Long Island Sound and the front of the house.  Additional windows surround a mirror that is centered on the eastern wall of built-in mahogany cabinetry.


His Bathroom has a cathedral ceiling covered with platinum-leafed wall paper.


His Dressing Room: His Dressing Room is divided into three areas.  Each is fully clad in custom-made mahogany cabinets and closets.  The first is a rectangular closet area with two regular and an additional walk-in closet that can accommodate the needs of any well-dressed man.  The second is a square space that is the dressing area.  It overlooks the Long Island Sound and has storage areas and drawers for all manner of clothing. Finally, a third smaller space resides between the closet area and the dressing area.  It houses a back-lite mirror, a safe and additional storage space.


His Study: Mahogany paneling on all walls and part of the ceiling gives this room the feel of a captain's quarters.  A dark brown, leather-topped desk together with its chocolate brown leather desk chair form a triangle between windows that look north and east over the front motor court and entry gate.  This room has book shelves, cabinets, drawers, and wiring sufficient to run any modern business.